Remedial Massage

This type of massage uses a variety of massage movements including soothing and cleansing open-handed strokes, deeper knuckle strokes and tension relieving Percussion( the traditional “chop-chop” movements). During remedial massage certain problem areas are isolated in the recipient's body and extra attention is given to them to alleviate the discomfort of problems. If the recipient consents the therapist may use deep pressure on muscle “ tight spots” with fingers or knuckles, to release the tightness and free up nerves that have been affected. Often this will mean a decrease in headaches, back and /or neck pain, and cramps. Remedial massage will also assist in detoxification of the muscles, enhance circulation, and increase pain free movement. By it’s very nature remedial massage will often use a combination of other massage and body work techniques (outlined below) to provide relief from aches, pains and immobility.


Ortho-bionomy® was developed by British Osteopath, Dr Arthur Pauls, in the 1970’s. Uncomfortable with the high velocity manipulations his osteopathic colleagues were adopting, his observations allowed him to develop a more gentle way of working to reduce muscular pain and increase range of pain free movement for his patients. Ortho-bionomy® is a form of bodywork which works with the natural patterns held within the muscles, joints and connective tissues of the body. These natural patterns are what allow our body to heal when injured, but sometimes due to constant injury, damage to the body or overuse, these patterns become overridden, confused or inaccessible and healing can’t occur. What conditions can Ortho-bionomy® help? Because Ortho-bionomy® works with the nervous system it accesses the “control centre” of the body- the brain and all the nerves of the body that control all the body’s systems. Applying corrections within the nervous system has benefits for all parts of the body. As a Remedial treatment Ortho-bionomy can provide relief for: ◦Lower back pain ◦Frozen shoulder ◦Knee problems ◦Whiplash ◦Teeth grinding ◦Neck and shoulder pain ◦Headaches and migraines ◦Elbow, wrist and hand problems ◦General stiffness and immobility For Sports people: Ortho-bionomy® is also very useful to help prevent sporting injuries by releasing tension from the joints and increasing proprioceptive feedback. It can also increase endurance by reducing tension in the fascia. For more “Whole body” conditions: By assisting the body to realign its structure and thereby repair the activity of the nervous system Ortho-bionomy® provides balancing of the lymphatics and the other organ systems to support the body and provide relief from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, endometriosis, gastric reflux, vertigo and a range of more diffuse conditions. What happens during an Ortho-bionomy® session? An Ortho-bionomy session usually lasts about an hour. The client lies on a massage table, and can be fully clothed, while the practitioner applies a variety of gentle movements to the body, while supporting the client’s body in positions of comfort. In these positions of comfort, skeletal and muscular imbalances and stress and pain patterns can correct within the central nervous system. Generally there is an immediate reduction in pain. After a treatment, one or two “self care” movements are demonstrated for the client to do at home. These help the body integrate (make permanent) the corrections that occurred in the session.

Sports Massage

Sports massage will maintain your entire body in better physical condition, boost sporting performance and endurance, and help prevent muscular injuries whether you are in training or just want to lead a more active life. Sports massage involves using moderate to deep massage pressure on the muscles. Much of this movement is “across” the muscle fibres. It also involves gentle static and isometric stretching of the muscles. This combination of stretch and crossways motion improves flexibility and restores muscle function. Sports massage is very effective, after muscle injury (once inflammation has subsided) to limit the formation of scar tissue and restore full muscle function and joint mobility.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage encourages the fluid flow of the lymphatic system. This is the body system responsible for immune response (i.e. fighting disease), reducing fluid retention, oedema and lymphodema, and helping the body to heal injury and disease. Massage movements are light (as lymphatic vessels lie just below the skin), and gently pumping in nature. Lymphatic drainage massage helps reduce fluid retention and lymphodema, enhance immune response , and aid disease recovery.


This technique is based on the belief that all areas of the body are reflected in the feet, and that by applying pressure and movement to the feet it is possible to treat disease in the body. At Hervey Bay Massage we have found reflexology is very helpful for people with inflammatory conditions eg. rheumatoid arthritis, injured muscles, when massage is too painful. The internal organs are also reflected in the feet and such problems as are associated with them can sometimes be alleviated by reflexology. Many people enjoy the benefits of reflexology on it’s own. However it can be combined with massage and the two treatments enhance each other.