finding peace

  • Are you always feeling much too busy?
  • Do your needs always seem to come last?
  • Do things often "Not go your way?"
  • Do you often feel frustrated, angry or "let down" within your relationships at work and play?
  • Is it difficult to "let go" of negativity and feel positive?
  • Do you feel there is nothing you can do about all the above?
  • The truth is you're the only one who can do something about it all!


"People today juggle and balance many and varied roles. It's no wonder many people find it difficult to find even moments of peace in their lives. By living with my "Peace Concepts" I have been able to find peace and enjoy happiness through the good, but more importantly, most challenging life experiences. I'd like to share these concepts with others in my book, Finding Peace." Karen Sonter Finding Peace was written in response to a question often asked in our workplace, at our workshops, and at our Women's' Retreats: What do you do to always appear so calm and relaxed?" After many years facilitating "Stress Management" workshops and Women's Retreats, Karen felt she had a useful answer for that question. She knew she had not always been able to find peace in her world. But, over time, she had consciously sought and developed a way of thinking and living which allowed her to achieve a peaceful state of mind- through the many challenges her life had provided for her. These methods and concepts are the basis of her workshops and retreats, and it seemed a logical progression to present them in a book. Finding Peace makes the point that it is not only what a person does in their life, but more effectively how one thinks as one lives this life that will allow a person to find peace, and then joy, in every moment of life. Even the challenging moments! "We can't always choose what life deals us, but we can always choose how we live with it."

Finding Peace has (3) chapters, each dealing with a different aspect of our physical lives:

  1. Finding personal peace and being at peace within yourself.
  2. Finding peace in your relationships with others.
  3. Finding peace within the environment around you.

The Concepts outlined within each chapter of the book, can be defined as ways of looking at existence that have allowed Karen to reduce the stress that human feelings of anger, regret, judgement, and on-going, hard to shake, negative thinking processes can create.

In writing the book, it was Karen's aim to present her concepts in as few words as necessary. She wanted to make it easy to read for today's "busy minds." Even the explanations and suggested applications of the concepts are outlined in just a few words. This aspect makes it a little different to many other self-help books. It also makes it useful for those readers who are just beginning their "stress management" journey; as well as offering a simpler way of thinking for those more experienced and extensively read "peace seekers".

The average adult reader could read the book from cover to cover in an hour or two. This is because Karen passionately believes it is the "living" of the concepts that is most important- not the time spent "reading" the concepts. It is the application of the individual concepts that brings peace, so she wanted readers to be able to begin to live with them as soon as possible.

Finding Peace is available in either paperback or CD form. You can purchase a paperback version directly from Hervey Bay Massage for $26:50 or a CD for $10.00. Copies can be posted to purchasers within Australia at an additional cost of $5:00. Overseas mailing costs will vary from country to country so please email us with your postal details and we will email the relevant charges.

Alternatively, the Finding Peace e book is available for $10.00. email or phone orders are welcome by credit card.

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